Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Stella Maris Drama Presentation - Friday April 13


This Friday April 13, a small group of students will be sharing their drama and writing talents with our school community.  They have been engaged in developing their own play under the direction of Denise Bertrand.  Parents are welcome to attend.  Below is a brief description of how this opportunity came about as well as a synopsis of the play.
Hope to see you there!

Two performances April 13
9:00 am and  9:50 am in the Stella Maris gym.

Trouble in the Realms

An original Theatre Play based on the ideas, opinions and hopes of 6 children aged 9-13 (Grades 4-7) from Stella Maris Elementary School. Directed by Denise Bertrand, International theatre artist and writer, producer of shows and programs for children.  This play was created in 24 hours over an 8-week period. 

Denise Bertrand has created one-of-a kind theatre productions with children internationally for the past 37 years. She has worked with children in Singapore, Thailand, China, France, Equador and Canada.  
She has taught thousands of children how to sustain their imaginations through the magic of theatre expression.  For more information about her work you can visit her website at www.denisebertrand.com

Synopsis of Trouble in the Realms: 

When Haven the young human ‘magically’ one day, finds herself in the Earth, Air, Fire, and Water Realms she soon discovers there is ‘Trouble’ with a capital T, otherwise known as Gorgin, creating chaos. Gorgin has taken Aether and Claire’s gems and these Realm Leaders are not too happy. Why does he want the Gems so badly? And what about Twig and Spark? How will these ‘sister’ Realm Leaders make sure their gems are not taken?  And will Haven find a solution to her own problems during this ‘visit’? 
Sound complicated? Well it actually isn’t. This is a character driven play, which unfolds mysteriously as everyone figures out what they have to do to restore harmony in all Realms.