Monday, 26 September 2016

Catholic School Advisory Council - Please join us

St. John the Baptist Parish Retreat

An invitation to parents in the Stella Maris community from our Parish of St. John the Baptist:

Parents need a break too!  We could all use a little regrouping time couldn’t we?  Sort of a ‘spa time’ for our spirits – rejuvenation for the soul?  That’s why we want you to know the retreat promoted below is being designed to offer you some time to tend to your own needs through quiet time, reflection, prayer, discussion and conversation with others.  Though it is hard to take time away from the needs of your children, taking care of your own spiritual needs is of benefit to them too.  So please do consider attending.
Our pastor, Fr. Brian, wants to be sure that all who want to attend have the means to do so.  Therefore do not let the costs prohibit you from attending.  Simply let him know the situation.  We are relying on our supportive community to help make this experience available for all who choose to come.  
To register please submit the reservation form to the parish office or in the weekend collection basket (with payment if possible), in an envelope marked “Parish Retreat”.  For further details please inquire at the parish office 519-736-5418.
If you can attend that would be a wonderful gift to the retreat!  Yet if you cannot attend you can still participate through your prayer, support, encouragement and enthusiasm.  Thanks for being part of our parish effort to deepen our spiritual lives and grow as more active, vibrant Christians in the world.
God bless!
The retreat team of St. John the Baptist Parish