Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Pizza Wednesdays

Beginning Wednesday, January 16th we will be selling pizza by the slice.  We will be ordering the pizza from Domino's and it will follow the School Food and Beverage Policy.  The cost per slice will be $1.50.  Orders will be taken every Monday.  We cannot take late orders.
We will not be sending forms.  The students will only need to bring in their money.

After School Transportation Procedures

Important Memo

Dear Parents,

This letter is to reiterate the SynreVoice message sent on Friday, December 21st  regarding the bussing situation at the end of the day. We presently have 8 busses picking up students and the bus loading zone needs to be empty for the busses.  For many of you who pick up your children you can no longer park in those areas.  Also, please do not park on the other side of the street as we will not allow your child to cross.  We ask that you park your car ahead of the bus loading zones on William St. further down from the school as you wait for your child.

Please be mindful of this memo as safety is our number one priority.  We have been working with the bus companies to help with the situation.

Thank you for your understanding.


Mrs. Bridget Russo